Nur Banu
is delighted to offer her clients the choice of the following sensual, stunning and shows, with distinct cultural flavours:

1) Dance of the Candelabra:
This highly skillful, and rarely performed masterpiece is from the ancient pre-Islamic tradition of Egypt. It is a mesmerising and mystical journey into the hazy mists of time, where the dance was a sacred blessing and the performance of which bestowed good luck and fortune on the recipient. This dance is endlessly popular for weddings!

2) Pharaonic Fantasy: Choreographed with 3 dancers - Watch, blissfully hynotised as Nur truly inhabits this beautiful dance, simultaneously capturing a range of emotion and intensity of expressive movement - subtle yet intense, fluid yet strong, poetic and powerful.

3) Belly-dance:
(with the of option of live arabic percussion accompaniment) - Belly-dance translates simply to 'Exotic Oriental Dance.' It is said that in ancient times, the women of the Orient used to belly dance for the moon God Hubal and the love god Wadd. Would you like your guests to feel like Gods and Goddesses at your event? Look no further!

4) Bollywood: group performance Bollywood dance, currently extremely popular world-wide, is a combination of classical Indian moves, folk dance, Latin and Arabic influences. The Hindi musicals portray these dance numbers in extravagant costumes on big, brightly decorated movie sets. Why not let Nur Banu bring these joyfully intoxicating moves, shakes and brightly jewelled colours to your event?!




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